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About Us 16 serial ports board - ETACOM 16CL

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Price: 350 $
Serial ports: 16
UART type: 16C550 /16 bytes FIFO/
BUS type: ISA
I/O address: 100,140,240,280 /jumper/
IRQ vector: 3,4,5,10,12,15 /jumper/
Port type: Current loop 20 mA /24V/

This board is designed to realize async. serial communications for multiuser operating systems like UNIX, MUMPS, SCO, Win NT etc. Two boards may be installed in a system, using common IRQ. IRQ status register allows quick identification of ports, generating interrupt request. The serial interface is optically isolated from the host and allows high performance remote access. Docs

Baud rate: Up to 57,6K
Signal support: RxD, TxD
Connector: DB-9, DB-37 cable 1.8 m
Dimensions: 350/250/50 mm. - ext.
Compatibility: UNIX, LINUX, Windows NT, Windows 95, MUMPS
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