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About Us One serial ports board - ETACOM 1CL

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Price: 30 $
Serial ports: 1
UART type: 8250 /16C450/
BUS type: ISA
I/O address: 288 to 3F8 /jumper/
IRQ vector: 4,5,10,12 /jumper/
Port type: Current loop 20 mA /24V/

This cost effective board is designed to realize async. serial communications for middle range distance and terminal emulation. More than one boards may be installed in a system, using common IRQ.The serial interface /current loop 20 mA/ is optically isolated from the host and allows high performance remote access. On board LEDs allow quick connection confirmation. Docs

Baud rate: Up to 57,6K
Signal support: RxD, TxD
Connector: DB-9
Dimensions: 180/80 mm. - int.
Compatibility: All systems and terminal emulators
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