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Listed below are our Gold Collection products - mainly special hardware for serial communications featuring multi-user OS. You use Prev and Next links to navigate through different product lists.
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See details Intelligent printer controller
This device is designed to control fast line printers from a computer with serial interface RS232 or current loop 20 mA. Details

See details Intelligent interface controller
This device is used as a simulation of a punch reader for machines with CNC control. Details
See details RS232 to Centronics converter
This device is designed to control printers with CENTRONICS interface from a computer or terminal with serial interface RS232. Details
See details Printer Tester
A microcomputer device for testing matrix, laser and inkjet printers with parallel CENTRONICS interface. Details
See details Monitor Tester
A microcomputer device which generates signals of color stripes. Suitable for repairs and tests of monitors. Details
See details Game Timer
A microcomputer device for measuring the time which GAMERS spend in front of the PC and for restricting access. Details
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